Peruzzi Reacts To Message of Death From Daffy Blanco, Who Accused Him Of R*pe


DMW singer, Peruzzi, has reacted to UK singer, Daffy Blanco’s dream of him dying.

Daffy, who is also a singer, took to her Instagram yesterday 30th of June 2021 to state that she had a dream that Peruzzi died, a sensitive post that came hours after Davido’s close associate and Peruzzi’s friend, Obama DMW, was buried after having heart-related issues that led to his death.

Daffy Blanco, who had once accused Peruzzi of sexually assaulting her, took to her Instagram to state that she dreamt Peruzzi had died and she was crying bitterly in her dream. She wrote:

In response, Peruzzi took to Instagram today, July 1st, to oppose any plans by his adversaries over his life. He wrote:


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