Peruzzi Accused Of Rape Again By Another ‘Victim’

DMW singer Peruzzi.
DMW singer Peruzzi.

DMW music star Peruzzi has been accused of rape by a certain lady on Twitter. The lady who came forward to share her story has the username Jayamah22. She mentioned that the sad incident happened 8 years ago.

Jayamah22 said that she had the courage to come forward with her story after Daffy Blanco and others shared their rape story.

The incident happened after she accompanied Peruzzi’s girlfriend at the time to visit him at 1004 Housing Estate, Lagos. Jayamah22 narrated that at night while she was asleep Peruzzi started to fondle her without her consent.

She later had to switch rooms and go to the palour to avoid Peruzzi but the singer trailed her to where she was and raped her.

Her story comes months after UK singer Daffy Blanco accused the DMW singer of fraud and rape.

Read her thread below as seen on Twitter;


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