Paul Okoye Says Lola Omotayo Is Manipulative Behind Closed Doors


Just a day after celebrating his 39th birthday, Paul Okoye also known as Rudeboy is calling out his sister-in-law Lola Omotayo for being manipulative and playing nice on social media.

It is no longer news that PSquare fell apart largely due to irreconcilable difference between the two twin brothers Paul and Peter Okoye. Much of the reason for breakup centers around Peter’s choice of wife, Lola Omotayo.

A few hours after celebrating his birthday, Paul Okoye took to social media to blast his sister-in-law for allegedly being behind the woes of the defunct PSquare. Rudeboy went on to reveal that he has not spoken to Lola in 4 years but on very often on their birthday she writes an epistle to celebrate her husband (Peter) and himself (Paul).

Rudeboy went on to say Lola is evil behind closed door but portrays herself like an angel when in the public eye.

Read through Paul’s rant below.


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