P-Square Break Up: Nigerians Not Feeling Peter Okoye’s New Stage Name, Mr P


It’s a sad sad day, and for many fans it’s the day we all feared. If there was any doubt, it’s all gone now. P-Square have officially gone their separate ways. Peter Okoye has signed on new management as well as released a solo record. Paul his twin brother has released a record too

But we won’t cry too long. Not when there’s all this internet trolling of Peter Okoye’s new stage name, Mr P. Yep! All the creative energy went into picking that name πŸ˜‚. Needless to say fans are not only not feeling the break up, there’re definitely not feeling the new stage name either.

Here’s some of the reaction to the break up and of course how folks feel about the name, Mr P. 


Lol. This is exactly why Nigeria is not progressing. 


  1. what could be d root curse of their separation. is it truly a woman or what? is so painful to see good thing get spoiled over 9t gush


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