“Own Your Bad Belle,” MI Abaga Tells Former Manager, Agwu Obinna

Nigerin rapper, M.I Abaga.

It seems there’s unresolved tension between Nigerian rapper, MI Abaga and his former manager, Agwu Obinna following series of tweets from both parties over the weekend.

The rift started when Obinna (popularly known as d_angrymob) tweeted “I no go advise my enemy to sign for CC sha. #JustSaying.”

His post quickly caught Mr Abaga’s attention who quoted the tweet saying “Love this… own your bad Belle.. #respect.”

Obinna who was quick to reply MI followed with this: “Bad belle? Lol. Truth is, I’ll even take that label over your label. But don’t let me spoil your little celebration. I was only looking out for the next batch of unsuspecting victims.”

MI who thanked Obinna for his contributions to the label over the years accompanied with another reply saying “Lol… it’s not a little celebration. God honoured our (cc) years of work and committed focus as imperfect as we are and blessed us… it’s a big big deal!! Thank you for playing your part. Be blessed, my brother.”

The altercations between the former business partners and friends, however, caught the attention of fans and followers.

Ayo Jaguda tried to wade into the disagreement. “Bros I don yarn u make u leave this matter since,” he cautioned Obinna.

Following the back and forth, MI shared an independent tweet obviously subbing Obinna and said: “One of the greatest gifts God can give you is to clearly show you those who don’t wish you well.”

And the tweet below was Obinna’s response to MI’s tweet.

The estrangement between both parties started after Warner Music Group (WMG) announced a pioneering partnership with Chocolate City.

“The partnership will dramatically grow the reach of African artists around the world, and will create new opportunities for global superstars in the region. Chocolate City will continue to be led by Co-Founders Audu Maikori and Paul Okeugo and EVP of Imprints, Jude Abaga and EVP of Recorded Music Aibee Abidoye,” a statement sent to JAGUDA read.


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