Oritsefemi calls for an ‘Untimely Death’ as he responds to infidelity claims


Oritsefemi has denied any infidelity claim raised by his wife.

The singer has been in the spot light with his wife accusing him of bringing women to their matrimonial home when she goes to work.

She made several comments suggesting her husband is a cheat, “Whoever the imbecile is that came to my house while I was away at work to f**k, you need to identify yourself.

“Gistlover it was a shocking news when you posted it a few months back, but now I can confirm,” her post read.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian singer took to Instagram to defend himself saying he has never slept with another woman.

He called for an untimely death while defending himself.

Reacting to his ex-manager’s claim, Oritsefemi said her ‘privates’ are smelling, the reason why men left her after sex.

Ms Kara had confirmed the wife’s claims that Oritsefemi was a cheat.

See screen grabs below.


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