OPINION: Why I Feel Seyi Shay’s “Hacked Account” is a Scam


Nigerian celebrities have seldom staged falsified stories to gain media attention, and they have succeeded with it most times. 

Recently, a Nigerian entertainer, who took a backseat in the industry for a while, Seyi Shay, said her account was hacked, after nude photos of her circulated the internet space.

It seemed a glorious morning for fans as they had never seen the singer unclad before.

This is probably another fairy tale story fabricated for a publicity stunt, I feel. 


Let us pause for a bit and be practical. If your Instagram account is hacked and very personal pictures of you are posted on a social media platform, who has access to such photos? People need to have access to your phone, or a cloud account to access photos, right?


If Seyi Shay’s account was hacked as she claimed, wouldn’t the hacker have access to her Instagram photos only? When an account is hacked, the hacker only has access to photos in their gallery, and not those of their victims, right?

Let’s not forget that the photos shared were personal, a bare butt screaming so many fantasies to fans.


Since the photos of Seyi were personal, could it be that an estranged lover of her’s decided to blackmail her by sharing such photos?

I cannot think of any other person who would have access to her nude photos, if not a lover, someone estranged, or someone she trusts.


Was her iCloud hacked? The advent of technology has allowed internet users to save personal property on the cloud. Having your account hacked is the only reason why an intruder might have access to such explicit content.

Her recent press release stated that her team was yet to ascertain where that hack came from but they announced a new account.

“Beautiful people! go follow my new Instagram @seyishaygram. We haven’t yet resolved how my verified account got compromised yesterday, so I’ll be using this new one as my official account until the safety of the other is guaranteed,” she tweeted.


My take could be that Seyi Shay is planning to release either a new single, video or a body of work. Attention is key for such release.

The singer has been off the music scene for a while, and controversies like this usually catalyze recognition. 


Could the singer have planned a grand comeback with semi-nude photos of herself, hoping to gain the necessary attention she needs?

These are my personal opinions, and they do not necessarily reflect the endorsement of this blog but, it is something to ponder upon. If this was Seyi’s grand plan, then they need a better scriptwriter.



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