Only Children Wait For Valentine’s Day – Essence


Essence thinks Valentines day is childish, and doesn’t believe in it. Weelp!

The singer came out to say that she will not be celebrating Valetines day as she think it’s childish. She doesn’t believe that grown adults should wait for valentine’s day to celebrate love.

I will be in church that day loving my God. I’m not a loving-for-one-day kind of person. Anybody that only loves me for one day doesn’t truly love me. I don’t believe in this idea of wearing Red on one day and eating lots of cake and chocolate in the name of celebrating love. I’m a grown woman; only children wait for a particular day to celebrate love.

Everyday is Valentine for me, so every day is the best as well. Besides, it’s a work day for me; I’m always working on Valentine’s Day.

Yes Boss! You make sense, but…. you know.


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