Oh Boy! Godwon Begs Sinzu To Unblock Him On Twitter… For The Sake Of Money



If you’ve been paying attention to rap beefs over the past year or so, then you’re well aware of the Godwon vs Sinzu beef that has been going on for a while. Dirt was thrown on both sides. (Here and Here)

Now imagine my shock when I saw a tweet from Godwon to Sinzu begging him to unblock him… “For the sake of money”… I mean damn son, it couldn’t have gotten that bad especially when just months ago, you swore Sinzu was a fuck boy.

Sinzu is yet to respond but if we know Sinzu well, chances are he wont. I mean for someone you dissed and shot a video of the diss record, and put out info about his arresr record it’s a huge change of heart to come out and beg him on twitter.

But Uncle Goddy didn’t stop there. He took it a step further by engaging in a twitter war of words with one of our bloggers here on jaguda.com, ItsJustAyo. Everything was all good and dandy until he decided to throw shade on Jaguda also. I mean seriously dude? Please next time you want to say something about us just enter studio and record another diss track, then apologize in 6 months. We promise we’ll unblock you 🙂

It went on and on, back and forth but we’ll leave it there.

For you Mr Godwon though, here’s some much needed free promo from us to you. You’re welcome 🙂


  1. Abeg who is Godwon? Jaguda I blame you people for making these kind useless rappers relevant. No wonder he insult una

  2. *dead* at the dobale pic. No shade to Godwin since I don’t know him but that pic made me giggle. “Sinzu had you like” lmaooo #disrespectful


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