Official SMG-Taylor Gang Deal Update


Here is an official statement from SMG on the deal with Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang.

Due to earlier excitement and incompetent staff’s one of our interns decided it was a bright idea to leak the information which wasn’t completely finalizes for public announcements.

Taylor Gang and Wiz Khalifa entourage felt it wasn’t appropriate for the information to be broken publically in such manner but would have preferred a grand public conference with an announcement party to follow, so the earlier tweets were removed as a result.

Nevertheless, Taylor Gang has given SMG the go ahead to make the announcement in Nigeria since the information was publicly made on a national radio station; theBeat99.9FM, by the famous radio personality Toolz. Although rumors have it that this information might not be true, it’s an exciting time in Africa and Sinzu is currently in London working closely with the Taylor Gang Head Honcho and has refused to spill the beans on his twitter account @SinzuSMG and has chosen to hush the situation.



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