No Really! Igwe Tupac Performed Amoshine On Ebony Life TV (Watch)


Wait what? Yes, you heard that right. Your favorite rapper, Igwe Tupac aka Jigga Boy aka your money is my money aka you know what it is aka… STOP IT!!! Anyways, Nollywood actor, Charles Okocha popularly known as Igwe Tupac was actually granted an audience to perform ‘Amoshine’ on Ebony Life TV’s show EL Now. I know right?


I don’t know who to be more frustrated at, Ebony Life TV or Igwe Tupac himself for really taking this thing to another level. Even crazier is that this is now an actual song, complete with 16 bars and all. What started off as a viral instagram clip has somehow morphed into a real life single. Next thing you know, we’ll see him dropping an album, titled… wait for it… Amoshine (or Shine Shine Bobo). Honestly, I can’t say it’ll be the worst thing in the world. Vic O did record a diss track against Drake & Meek Mill.

As we listened to the whole performance of Amoshine (yes we did), here’s some of the lines that stood out

“I be actor but I dey freestyle, una come dey feel me like I be MI”


“Some say I dey take shape smoke weed, That’s why I dey pray & dey sow seed”




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