Nigezie At Ten Series EP5: Top 10 Producers In last 10 Years


This week on the show its all about the beat makers behind the scenes of your favorite music hits songs. Over last weekend NigezieTv premiered the 5th episode of the Nigezie At Ten Series and it was quite a revelation. This episode cast the spotlight on the Top 10 producers in the Nigerian entertainment scene for the last 10 years.

From a newbie’s surprise takeover to a veteran’s amazing longevity, Our top 10 producers broke big boundaries and crafted even bigger hits. These were the major brains behind the biggest hits that have shaped the charts in the last 10 years. We present to you the Top 10 Producers of the last 10 years on the Nigezie At ten Series

You can catch the repeat of the Nigezie At ten Series on NigezieTV Startimes Channel 427 everyday 11am and 8pm. Do you agree that these are the best producers in the last ten years? Leave us your feedback on twitter with the hashtag #NigezieAtTenSeries.


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