Nigeria’s Soul Superstar Is Back! Nneka Is Back and As Outspoken As Ever | Watch!!


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Nigerian singer Nneka who combines reggae and afrobeat with powerful lyrics tackling politics, love  and forgiveness sits back quietly with CNN as she expressed her feelings about everything.

Watch the interview below as CNN’s African Voices caught up with the star singer in London to talk about music, memories and the current situation in Nigeria.

CNN: In the past, you’ve dealt with issues ranging from the environment and politics, to religion and love — what are the themes that you’re emphasizing at this moment?

Nneka: What is happening in Africa at present concerns me a lot. Boko Haram has always been an issue obviously for the past five, six years — funny wise, there’s a track in the album called “Pray For You” which I recorded when not too many people knew what was going with Boko Haram in the West.

Watch the interview here:


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