Nigerians React To Jidenna’s Comments About Being Light Skinned In Nigeria

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You know us Nigerians. It doesn’t take much for us to get on a roll. Jidenna’s interview with VLAD TV hit the internet yesterday, and caused a lot of controversy for some of the – what most are calling – misleading comments about being light skinned in Nigeria.

The biggest one being the notion that being light skinned makes you an easier target for kidnappers in Nigeria.

Nigerians took to twitter, and are reacting to the comment, and interview as a whole:

There are those who were pretty disappointed in the comments


Those who saw sense in what he was saying in the grand scheme



Those who are supporting him regardless of anything he said



And of course those that are just out there for the jokes LOL


And Don Jazzy said his own 2 cents too with a plug for Reekado Bank’s new joint, Tomorrow.

And Davido too: 

For those who haven’t seen it, here’s the full interview:

What do you think of his comments though?


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