Nigerian Actor Charles Okocha attacks friend after seeing teenage daughter in his car

Charles okocha
Charles okocha

It was no longer funny business or a skit as many thought for popular Nigerian actor Charles Okocha.

A viral video which made the headlines yesterday, saw the Nollywood star attack his friend, after spotting his teenage daughter in the front seat of the car.

He dragged the daughter from the front seat of his friends car to his car.

He went on to look for a shovel and smashed the wind shield of the car.

Mr Okocha was willing to throw some punches at the said friend until the timely intervention of some individuals who held him back.

He later drove off angrily with his daughter in the back seat.

Many would have assumed that this was one of his hilarious skits, but this surely looked real and personal.

Watch clip below.


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