New Unrecognizable Photos of Lepacious Bose


Before and After photos of Ace female comedian Lepacious Bose also known as Bosede Olufunke Ogunboye has created quite a buzz on the internet. Its amazing to see how a great diet, exercise and dedication can pay of in the long run.

Here is what she had to say about her weight loss journey.

“being a professional comedian allows me turn anything into a joke and I often used my weight as a joke but this weight loss journey isn’t a joke, I still want to come down a few sizes more and I am determined, working very hard at it. The health benefits come first and if I can be honest, I actually feel better. I carry myself better now because carrying all that weight around was equivilent to me carrying three bags of rice which i didn’t realise until the load was dropped…Talk about my burden becoming lighter. Lol. The only problem is I have to buy new clothes with every size I lose…and that’s very expensive, everytine I need to go out I panic because suddenly everything is now too big, its a new and strange experience for me, because everything used to be too small and tight lol”

Well, lets take a look at what she looked like before


*Drum roll* And this is what she looks like now! Stunning transformation!

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