New Music: Oga Micky Ft Slowdog – Igbotically


Great news for Oga Micky fans: He’s been on a roll since 2015, and he’s not slowing down. His latest club banger doubles up as a powerful statement from the South Eastern music scene. IGBOtically is a statement of intent from a young artiste who knows where he’s headed to. If Igbo rap was a bestselling novel, consider Slow Dog the editor-in-chief.

Oga Micky plays the Prima Donna with Slow dog filling out the role of Consiglere on “IGBOtically” . This is what happens when a worthy protege and a veteran goes in hard on a dream project . This song will definitely be one of the talking points of the year. The production by …….is top notch. For a song having Slow dog on it, a five star rating is not a distant possibility.

Igbo Kwenu! Naija Kwezuonu!!!




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