‘NBC done blow me’ – Ric Hassani jubilates over NBC ban


“NBC don blow me, Nigeria really does help us youths. Thanks Nigeria, Love u.” tweeted an elated Ric Hassani on the nbc ban of his song.

The ban on Ric Hassani’s hit single ‘thunder fire you‘ it would seem came with a silver lining. The singer has implied in a tweet that the ban has done him a world of good by giving the song publicity. And free of charge too!

The song is the most streamed on the album currently with about 167,000 streams already.

He tweeted:

Recall that yesterday 26 February 2021, reports of a ban by the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) on Ric Hassani’s hit single ‘Thunder fire you‘ surfaced online.

The reason for the alleged ban is still unclear and it would seem the alleged ban is still in effect.

Ric Hassani went further to thank the NBC for the free publicity. lol.

Talk about a silver lining!


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