Naira Marley Jokes About Corona Virus As Nigerians Slam Him


The Corona Virus pandemic is still a global concern as it continues to spread across globe. So far, Nigeria has had about 36 confirmed cases with two victims declared fully recovered.

However, the subject of Corona Virus isn’t one to make jokes about as the reality bites harder. While Nigerian celebrities are using their platform to create awareness about the virus, Naira Marley seems to take the pandemic much lightly.

The ‘Tesumole‘ crooner made a few jokes about Covid-19 which did not sit well with Nigerians. He made tweets like ‘retweet if u don’t believe in CoronaVirus‘. He made another tweet ‘5000 cases confirmed in LEKKI, I’m talking about unwanted pregnancies‘.

Apparently, this isn’t such a time for this kind of jokes from someone like Naira Marley. Some Nigerians have called out the Nigerian singer for his absolutely lack of sensitivity.

Below are his tweets:

This is how some Nigerians reacted to the jokes.



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