N250m Fund: Amidst fears of corruption, Davido reassures Nigerians


Davido has reassured Nigerians that the N250m fund he raised with be utilised judiciously.

He said this via Twitter when Nigerians feared that the funds will not reach its destination due to corruption.

A certain Twitter user said she shared Davido’s idea of helping orphanage’s with the money raised with her mother. The mother later lamented that corruption will not let the money get to it’s destination.

“I told mum what Davido did and I’ve never seen her revolt so passionately against something. She said the money won’t get to the children cos welfare officers steal all. I hate Nigeria.

She said its so bad that nurses never want to leave welfare homes when they’re posted there,” the Twitter user said.

Davido quicly responded saying he would not let that happen as he will personally see to it that the funds get to their destinations and are used properly.

“I will personally make sure this doesn’t occur !! I put that on my life !,” he said.


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