My Music In The Past Two Years Was Just To Stay Relevant – D’banj


Nigerian singer D’banj is largely described as a pathfinder in the Nigerian music industry. The singer who has stayed in the industry for over a decade maintains that despite being a married man and having grey hairs, love from his female fans is still overwhelming. The energetic performer maintained that his sex appeal has not waned one bit.

D’banj shared a few information during his chitchat with Saturday Beats, he also talked about the planned The Mo’hits Reunion Tour

“I know I am already growing grey beard and I leave it alone because the ladies tell me that it is sexy. I cannot speak for any other person but I still have my sex appeal. We were just on the red carpet together before coming to this VIP section and you noticed what happened. The ladies still flock around me despite being married. You can count how many guys greeted me compared to a large number of ladies that came to me for pictures and just to talk to me. I think it is the grace of God and the brand cannot change. It is not as if I am going to let go of this part of me. Yes, being married has changed a little thing about me but business remains business,” he said.

Speaking more on the reunion tour, the Kokomaster said that the tour was being embarked upon by the defunct Mo’Hits crew because of the fans love. He narrated that the tour was always put in perspective but this felt like the right time.

“It is not money that inspired this motive, Did Davido give us any money? No, he did not. He just called us and we obliged his request. I think it was inspired by the fans’ love for us.

“I do not know why the Mo’Hits reunion took such a long time; all I can say is that this is the right time. We had always talked about it but I guess this just happened to be the right time. As at when we were talking about it, I was in a different space facing other projects. Now is a good time. With everything that is happening at the moment, this is a perfect time and the tour could last for as long as three years, let’s keep our fingers crossed,” the Koko master said.

While chatting with the Saturday Beat crew, D’banj confessed that his music in the past two years was just done to keep his name around in the industry.

“I had been focusing on the C.R.E.A.M platform for the last two years, even the music I was doing at the time was just to remain relevant as an active actor in the music industry. Aside from being successful in my career, my business initiative, C.R.E.A.M platform has been doing very well and I thank God for that. 


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