The Music Industry Is Filled With Traitors – Lil Kesh


Mr Me Yagi, Lil Kesh is not having anything to do with fake friends who he claims are saturated in the music industry.

Only a few weeks ago, Lil Kesh released a jam “No Fake Love” which he addressed issues of fair weather friends.  He admits that most people would only be around you when all is well and will easily betray you when given the slightest opportunity.

Keshi who is a former YBNL artiste in a chat with Sunday Scoop spoke of his disgust with fakes in the music industry.

There are lots of fake people in this industry. When they see you doing well, they would come around you. But what they are really after is the fame and the fortune they think you have and they wouldn’t think twice about betraying you. I have seen a lot of such people in the industry and I can’t tolerate them because I have no time for fake love.”

Asked if he had ever been betrayed by someone close to him in the music industry, he said, “It has never happened to me and that is because I deliberately keep my circle small. Most of the people around me now are the ones that I knew from way back. I’m not saying that it’s bad to make friends but one just has to be careful and smart in the process.”


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