Munachi Abii Starts Record Label, Holds Partnership With RMG


So there were reports out earlier that former Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria (MBGN) winner had split ways with Ayo Shonaiya’s RMG. The report came from an interview in VanguardNGR where she stated that she need to be more independent.

See excerpt below:

You recently set up your own record label called,  No Koncience. Why did you leave RMG to form yours?

I needed to become a little bit more independent and you know one needs to grow. I have  learnt how to handle things on my own and become responsible. It was something I needed to do  because one  cannot continue to be under someone’s wings forever. There comes a time when you have to spread you own wings and fly.


On contacting Muna, she confirmed that she did in fact start her record label, No Koncience, but that she holds a partnership agreement with RMG.

Muna’s last single No Tomorrow was released a few weeks ago under her imprint, and her debut album ‘The Goddess, The Hustler’ is set to be released shortly.


  1. Good..glad to hear that,really happy for be part her will i get signed to it..actually i rap,can i plss get to know or signed innit??..and follow @TheRealCdink plss help get this message to her.I would like to be part of it and will be glad if this message is sent to her. Thanks.

  2. Wow!!! Am really happy to hear that…and I will be so glad if you can sign me in to your record label cos am a musical produce and I wouldn’t say am the best but am trying on my level…
    My twitter: @deewhyceosmos
    Facebook: deewhy ceo smos
    Pin: 2903581C

  3. Not a bad idea. First lady in the record label ownership biz, I’m I wrong?…correct me. BiGG UPs! (Kay ckitz).

  4. I really love your boldness and attitude towards issues. I would like to be a part of her label cos I know I have a lot to offer by Gods grace. I sing and dance. Pls help us get this to her


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