Muna Apologizes to Modenine


I like to think Maturity has nothing to do with age. Muna proved this a few minutes ago after apologizing to Modenine for the ruckus at the Nokia event. If you don’t know what happened, stop! click here then continue reading.

The artiste tweeted at modenine and asked for his forgiveness. Come on Modenine, accept her apology. This is me ticking off Modenine and Muna from my celebrity death match list. What have we learnt from this? Make love…not war.


  1. modenine ain’t my kinda guy cos he’s into hardcore rap bt truth b told, av got madt respect 4him … av alwys luvd muna due 2her flows & beauty bt wen i saw d video of d ish dat took place, i misplaced dat luv … its cool of her dat she apologised bt mehn, she tuk it 2far tackling wit modenine … i jst hp he accepts her apology cos until i knw his decision, muna is off my list of celebs … #Gbam … dats frm my #churchmind … take it or hug d nearest transformer …

  2. What sort of stupid write up is this? Make love ….not war? Arinze where did you find this guy?

    HE can’t write to save his own life..#PissedOffJagudan

  3. I think is high time 9ja peeps know d diff btw been a Host and a judge. Muna if nokia wanted you as a judge they would have told you that but you are d host why not stick to your job Damn. Have you seen ryan argue with simon or randy. That was no nice from you miss muna. Truth be told

  4. Muna I juzt watchd dat vid. U messed up o. Wen modo made me love rap,I guess u waS somewere maybe wearin only panties around,, u wanna messed with anyone but neva modo. Guzh I can kill ƒσя the rap king. “All time best lyricist” na beanz?? Dat twitter ish aint enuf. On ur kneels bitch. Dam WTF.

  5. MUNA???? *jaw drops*… Who da hell is she…. For veteran sake alone gaan, d bitch suppose respect MODE! Sheww na play b dat? She still dey craddle of rap! I dnT even need to watch d fuckin clip, cos its a no brainer stupidity to argue wit a judge cocky ass small thing!! Dis tells u she wasn’t even auditioned for d host role cos naija at times has no rules. She wud go suckin and fuckin dudes………. To land d job! So wtf do u xpect? Direspect! …….. MODE tho, afta all said n done big bros abeg 4get d issue, she don learn frm ha mistake! We all can make even worse mistakes! Plsssss 4give muna!! 4 d love of rap at least! Lollll

  6. Just forgive her for d love of heaven. Afterall,she showed remorse. Muna,u screwed up BIG time,u had no right to disagree wiv d judges. All well,Modey,pls let it go

  7. WTF!! Muna u carry ur yanga pass be careful. Mode9…? U must b kiddin me.. Just watch d clip wow! So much disrespect comin from her quarters.. Mode is lyk a gr8 gr8 grandfada 2 u gal beta watch dat arrogance

  8. Na wa o! I thot d problm ws Muna being rude nd dint apologise or ws it bout sumtn else? Guyz, incase u dint get d memo bout ds article, Muna APOLOGISED!!! It means she sed SORRY!!!(If u still dnt get it). Enuff of d insults abeg, negative minded pple.

  9. I tink I̶̲̥̅̊​ts pretty not A̶̲̥̅̊ biggie dat modenine was challenged…if it were to be any oda lady rapper…perhaps we wldnt ђα̲̅vε̲̣̣̣̥ raised dis much dust abt it…but for who muna is and D̶̲̥̅̊ air she controls…I̶̲̥̅̊​ts quite obvious,she has neva fallen into our good books! We see on tube ow nick canon challenges pierce morgan on america’s gat talent…and most tyms it goes wit nick callin pierce names…once cald a Shrek! I guess we shld just let tings slide witout neccessarily adding salt to D̶̲̥̅̊ injury…modenine baba I hail, and muna, save ur drama for ur hubby!

  10. Am disappointed in the writer of dis article as well as jaguda. Dats not how to apologise.
    Why should it be on twitter. When she’s really sorry modey can den forgive, if he chooses to.
    However muna is still an ex-beauty queen, dumb gurl and wack rapper.
    Make up is not hip hop

  11. Whoz d silly person seyin “she apologized”…hello…….so Modey shd just get over it like that..issnt it.??…its up to Modey to decide if he wanna push it aside and move on….he can’t be compelled to…beauty aint brains…goes a long way….she seriousli needs to put her attitude in check…what wil she now do when shez reached d pinnacle of being an MC…slap ppl.??
    Its not enuf to just get on twitter and apologize….the 150 characters were not even exhausted….psssst…

  12. @Anne, u realli shuld b smarter dan callin pple silly. If u think an apology on twtr isn’t enuff nd u wnt anodr Nokia Don’t break d beat finale staged so she can apologise, make sacrifices nd prbali b killed by angry modenine fans y dint u jst sai so?

  13. Personally i wld luv τ̲̅ȍ if ‎​†ђe Stupid girl called Muna wld make a public apology to mode 9 and Nokia shld Remove Her Frm Being a Host… Children shld Learn to respect Their Elders… Rude and Saucy Thing! May i not see her for If I do… That her loud mouth wld Be ‎Good If i kick her 7 times on her Lips … And Slap her as well, Probably Bathe her Face with acid. Stupid Thing ! Can she Even rap ? Nonsense.. Modenine. Respect.


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