MTN, Ultima LTD: Paul Play money was duly paid to COSON



Paul Play Dairo Vs MTN: N500million Copyright lawsuit.

PAUL PLAY: I am not a member of COSON, I have never given any right to anyone except my intellectual property manager. This is a case of theft and everyone involved will have to provide the evidence that I released the right to my songs to them when we get to court.”

ULTIMA LTD: “As a law abiding corporate citizen, respecting the rights of all stakeholders in the conduct of our business, we have duly paid Copyrights Society of Nigeria, COSON, which was the government approved collecting agency, for all musical works that we used.”

COSON: “Paul is not a registered member of COSON, notwithstanding we are bound to protect his copyright as expected of us. His royalties and that of others are with us and he can access his money whenever he’s ready.”

MTN: Silence (As usual)

Who is guilty?
courtesy: Femi Sowoolu


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