Mr. Nigeria 2014 Emmanuel Ikubese Set To Launch Project “RAW”


Mr Nigeria 2014 and Shuga act, Emmanuel Ikubese is set to launch his pet project called “Respect A Woman (RAW)”, which is scheduled to launch under the Emmanuel Ikubese initiative on November 28, 2015 at Ibru Gardens, Victoria Island, Lagos.

According to Ikubese, the project is a domestic violence awareness against women in the society. He further expressed that, he believed no man would strike his mother due to the respect he had for her and if that same respect was applied to relationships, marriages and the society as a whole, the world would be a better place thereby reducing domestic violence in wowen.

He continued saying, “My vision is to see Men make this pledge to Respect A Woman and apply them in their relationships. For Women in such violent Relationships its high time they Run Away from this deadly act. Project R.A.W’s goal is to inform victims that they are not alone and that it’s never too late for them to take a stand against this injustice”.


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