Mogul Music Burst Onto Music Scene With 2face/AirTel Hook Competition


Introducing Mogul Music + AirTel/2face Hook Competition

Mogul Music is the latest of the record labels about to burst into the Nigerian Music Industry and they do so with grand style.

In the industry of diverse musical sounds, Mogul Music aims to provide that cutting edge freshness by creating untapped and ingenious promotional ideas, creative beats, and 21st century marketing strategies.

The Mogul Music label is spearheaded by producers Major Bangz & Mr Yangz. CEO Uyi Omokaro (A future award nominee), who is also the CEO of one of the most successful ad agencies, DM2 with clients Coca-Cola, AirTel, Tetmosol, Sprite, Fanta, Interswitch, Mouka, Vitafoam, Schweppes, Eva Water etc.

It’s on that note that Mogul Music along with AirTel bring you the 2face/AirTel Hook Competition. Beat produced by Mogul Music’s own Major Bangz. The details of the contest will be provided soon, but it’s something to keep on the radar going into 2012. Be sure to check back on as we’ll bring it straight to you.

So getting ready Nigeria, or better yet get ready Africa, because Mogul Music is coming on strong. Yes… Get with the program.

Mogul Music!




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