Is Mode 9 Still The Greatest? Music Fans On Twitter Weigh In


The discussion has been going on via social media (twitter specifically) over the past couple of days. Is Mode 9 the greatest Nigerian rapper of all time? Is he still the GOAT? While a lot of hip-hop fans have argued that status has never been in doubt, a lot of the more mainstream and, dare I say, commercial thinking audience are arguing that Mode 9’s music is not bringing him as much commercial success as say, Olamide, MI, or Phyno. On average, his name is not as recognizable among mainstream fans as many others. But does that make him any less of a great?

One thing that has been levied towards hip-hop heads in Nigeria is the bandwagon mindset. They all argue for Mode9, but don’t even really listen to him or know his catalog in details. They just do it to be in the ‘hip-hop heads clique’, or to feel like they are deeper than their commercial music loving counterparts. Now this isn’t true for all, but it’s certainly true for some.

Here’s what’s impossible to argue against in our opinion. Mode 9 was the one rapper that did it big in Nigerian hip-hop when it wasn’t cool to be a rapper; when there wasn’t as much success, not as much mainstream acknowledgment and if we’re being very real with ourselves, no one touches him to date lyrically. Think BET Cypher. Historically you can say he took hip-hop to a much higher level in Nigeria. So what makes Mode 9 not the GOAT? Well check out some of the tweets we’ve seen over the past few days of what people are saying, and of course drop your thoughts.

So what are your thoughts? Mode 9 still the GOAT? Did that ever change? Is the commercial success of MI, Phyno, Olamide etc somewhat downplaying the significance of Mode9’s contribution to the game?


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