Mixed Feelings As Fans React To 2Face Idibia’s Proposed Nationwide Protest


As February 5th draws closer, 2face’s proposed nationwide protest against the federal government has engineered  mixed reactions from fans all over the nation.

It goes as far as his ex-band mate, Blackface calling Mr. Idibia an illiterate for proposing such a protest against the Buhari led administration.

Here’s the thing, we’ve heard opinions that 2Face may have been bribed for this protest but it seems fans are marching forth with the star regardless of the rumors.

Here are some reactions from fans;


  1. Comment:Is so funny how sum pipu tek advantage of certain situations, 2baba mekin d unknown popular becos he choose 2 protest 4 d masses.Mr prof. & blackface. 2baba can feed u two wit ur families without even feeling d economic recession in Nigeria.

  2. Comment: am highly dissapointed in blackfacee, still hang on hatred to 2baba, pls drop ur hatred. OK. #istandwit2baba on Feb 5 at owo

  3. blackface I am a musician like u, an upcoming and i was trained not to criticise or raise abuse on those an the top but bro , am sorry to tell you that your failure is intentional not a sudden occurrence. because hatred us written all over you. Speaking against a bro or re broadcasting a post by a hungry unpopular bingo prof made you the most stupid failure of our time

  4. Comment:
    People can be very stupid in this life. Blackface abi na black nyash using such comments on 2face shows the height of irresponsibility in him.
    2face is doing this thing for the masses. he doesn’t even feel the Godforsaken recession but he knows the mind of people and that’s all .
    We are solidly behind ur movement.
    thumbs up.

  5. Tubaba is tryin to mk de people sufferin frm Buhari’s administration happy,jez dnt get yhu guys,even blackface@idoma broda iz callin tubaba an illiterate, shey illiterate no gt say fr 9ja again#Haterz kiss Tubaba’s feet@Baruda carry go we dey yhur bck any f**kin civilian.

  6. Comment: 2 BABA all d way and if Prof black Case no like d protest make DM go use high tension wire tie their face oooh.

  7. Comment: ApeonOliver saying shit who is talking about feeding? let him start the feeding from you n ur family…. the problem with people is inability to recognised when some one is trying to gain popularity…. respect to the group plantation boiz… respect to u 2babà and I honour u blackface Tue tribunal soldier. 2baba you just have to rethink, the day govt isn’t the problem, rather we the common people are. let’s give full support to the govt of the day. this administration. means well for the nation…. protesting for all what you mention is not bad but doing its in a wrong way is evil. don’t spoil the minds of Nigerian with some fake motives. besides GEJ’s administration watered you with lots of musical contracts, Akwa Ibom state govt used the masses fund to buy u a car and money more gifts. rethink bro, I respect u rethink. don’t come against the govt that is trying to pull out corrupt leaders. if I may asked how much have u given back to the street that make u whom you u? is it just about gathering Nigerian to run a protest against the govt? using ur popularity in music against the day govt… have been a fan of the group plantation boiz, have been a fan of both faze, 2face and blackface. the true preacher against corrupt leaders is blackface, that is why most of them didn’t like him perform on concert becos he would say the bitter truth. to rest my comment have a rethink…… don’t disrupt this govt effort becos if u try to be a tool in the hands of the engineers of corruption you would loose honest fans. be warned……


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