MESSAGE!!! Burna Boy Threatens All Bloggers


I don’t know why Burna Boy should say this but whatever his reasons are whatsoever it’s clear that this is 2015 The blogs have taken over, people will definitely talk and write about you, but as a celebrity, you should know how to deal with it maturedly or not talk at all. But going this far to threaten the Bloggers will not help but worsen the situation.

But wait a minute..let’s think it through could this be a stregedy or are we permitted to say Mr Burna loves the attention and publicity so by thrashing the Bloggers, they will pick every detail of his move and pour it to the world to see? Whatever it is, am sure we are all capable be it online combat or physical combat so all ye fellow bloggers set your boxing gloves and wait on the Rock Star Crooner. But take it easy on them celebs though..

Be at alert ooooo..LOL



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