Mercy Aigbe Warns Actresses Against Tattooing Their bodies


In a recent chat, Nigerian Yoruba actress Mercy Aigbe-Gentry spoke on why she does not like tattoos and further warned her fellow actresses why it is wrong to have a permanent adornment on their bodies. Below is how she poured it :

Maybe it’s because I dread pain. But seriously, I don’t like it on me, because I’m like an insatiable person when it comes to having things like that on my body”  Today I may like a bird, and the following day I’ll get tired of that and want to change it. And asides that, in my job, you’ll have to play different roles; so it automatically restricts the number of roles you can play in a movie, so I feel as a professional actress, you shouldn’t, maybe to an extent, have a permanent thing on your body”

On what she wouldn’t be found doing she said:

“No, I can’t go out braless; I’m a mother, so I will not do that. But some ladies do that and for me, if they look good in it fine, why not”

Sounding very judgy from Mercy Aigbe, but everyone is entitled to their opinion right? 


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