The Meanest, Nicest and Funniest Twitter Comments About Tiwa Savage’s Wanted Video



We all knew it was going to happen. When it comes to sexuality and the showcase of it, Nigerians are always very divided on the issue, so it should come as no surprise that Tiwa Savage’s new video for Wanted caused a storm on twitter and the social media space. Hell it already has 60,0000 views on youtube.

Here are some of the tweets from people after about 24 hours since the video dropped. We have those criticizing her, those defending her, and those just in it for the laughs. You gotta like a good meme too.

This is what we have…. so far.



**** Some notable names also had their comments


**** And what does her husband have to say about it?


And we end with a good ole meme to summarize.



While all this is happening, this is us right here on



  1. watched the vdeo over and over again, i found nothing wrong it it. then how does marriage relates with a world class artiste”s video? im confused on you people ooo

  2. you all dont compare Nigerian artistes with the Europian/American artistes, there are much difference pls. we are good in our oen way, love you people

  3. I wish I had Twitter right about now so I can join in on the discussion! There are some hating comments and supportive comments but EVERYONE failed to mention why the video is horrible: (1) that body suit made out of panty hose is very unflattering and made it very hard to focus on the dance moves! (2) those ballroom dancing shoes that were NOT cute. (3) The fact that the video had nothing to do with the hot beat or suggestive lyrics. We can not blame the girl for giving in to Western culture but if she was going to do it she should have done it RIGHT! That’s all.

  4. Why did she think of dis video now she’s married… tiwa abeg ur an African lady behave ursef… my Goodness doesn’t she realise her value has dropped with this shity video.

  5. guy what the fuck is wrong with u people, some people should realize that Ur brains are the reason Nigeria would never grow, can’t u people ever appreciate something good? tiwa was trying to entertain u guys, u guys see Beyonce and rihanna n put your heads in Ur asses for them, n now you see someone that u know can be as good as they are, u r critisizing, please Nigerian get your head out of your asses, its not a hat, TIWA SAVAGE, U DID A GREAT JOB.


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