Maheeda Calls Out Fan Who Tried To Slide In Her DMs


Some peeps need to learn not to slide anyhow into DMs especially when you’re gonna say something not very nice. That’s the lesson this guy learned today when Maheeda straight up called him out on Instagram.

Apparently dude tried to holla at her, and when Maheeda didn’t respond positively, he proceeded to try to slut shame her. Ouch!

“Mother fucker ..😒😒 you try to fuck a lady she refused then suddenly she became a prostitute .. Hypocrites!!! And fools and hypocrites like him be like, he is right !!!!! idiots hypocrites !!!!! You all will go to hell before me.”

Maheeda is pretty popular in the Nigerian internet space, but it’s her racy pictures that give her a lot of fame as opposed to her music, which coincidentally at some point was regarded at Gospel music… Yea, I know.



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