M.I To Return To Music After A 3-Year Hiatus! 3rd Studio Album In The Works


After selling 6 million copies M.Ireturns from a 3-year self-imposed hiatus to set a new standard. On February 21, M.I will be releasing the first single off his much-anticipated Album, “The Chairman”, which is set for release in June 2013.

Though M.Ihas not released new solo-music during this break, he has been very busy. In 2012 alone, he was appointed the United Nation’s Ambassador for the Smuggling of Migrants, performed alongside Naeto C on the Hennessy Artistry Tour, and was actively performing his duties as the VP of Chocolate City Music, making creative contributions to Brymo’s 2012 debut release with Chocolate City – #TheSonOfaKapenta.

Now the King Returns.

“I woke up to an email sent at 2am from M.I, and it read “Guys, it has come… the song,” and at that moment I knew he had it down – the song, the concept, everything. That’s the kind of genius he is with this stuff,” said his Manager, Abuchi Ugwu.

If M.Ibroke records online and was listed on Billboard Magazine as one of the top sounds in 2010, with “MI2”, expect more from The Chairman. The project is content driven, and will certainly draw the listener’s ears to issues bordering on socio-economic and political aspirations of the masses.

“I don’t have any other information except that it’s going to be beyond anyone’s imagination,” MI said in reply to a question.“Everyone just has to wait a few days for the unveiling to begin,” he added with a smile.

While we know M.I is in the studio with WizKid, Burna Boy, Loose Kaynon, and E. Kelly, among others, The Chairman promises a different sound, the same effortless delivery and strong international collaborations. For now, those names will remain our little secret.


  1. M.I change Nigeria rap music when he took the music industry by storm. The last time he dropped a solo song from an album was 3 yrs ago. M.I we for ever remain relevant.


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