M.I ft Oxlade – All my life (A first listen review)


Africa’s foremost rapper M.I Abaga is back with a new jam, this time he has Oxlade with him and they’re here to serenade us on “All My Life”.

M.I Abaga

Witness the power of love as M.I digs deep to show us his soft side which we have seen a lot of. Whether it was on One Naira with Waje, or on Mine with Wizkid. If M.I has proved anything on this, it is that Arsenal fans know how to make Amazing Love songs! Check with Banky W as well, you’ll come up with the same conclusion. 


Oxlade comes on the Chopstix produced song with his signature “Boy Ox” and proceeds to introduce M.I as “incredible, mister incredible” then he teases s off with a line and a refrain:

“Girl I want you to know say me I got you for life

(Girl I want you to know say me I got you for life)”

Usually, you would think he was done and it’s M.I’s turn. At least in a world of 2 minute songs, the artiste/owner of the song should come on already. But in M’s, Oxlade still owns the stage. So with all intent to maintain the standards of his infectious voice, Oxlade runs the hook:

All my life

And I been wishing you would be my wife

Baby, I’ve been searching all my life

I been wishing you could be;

be my bride

to be my life

Girl I been waiting for someone like you!

Someone like you!

Someone like you!

If only you could read it how he sang it, but mere reading can’t do justice to the talent of this young legend. Oxlade delivers a through pass to M.I who comes in with a verse that might be shocking for the famed Africa Rapper Number 1 but not for a man in love. After all the most cheesy lines are motivated by love. (“Are you an angel…” Alright back to the verse. Roll in M.I with the verse:


All my life I hoped to

Meet somebody special that I could devote to

My father said, come over here let me coach you

When you meet your soul mate the sky would be so blue

So Pon me

Me to approach you and toast you

Invite you to my crib and host you

My ex girl dey call me, I no do

I ghost her, I post her, I vote you

I pray that the most high promote you

I don dey for these streets like old shoe

Dey try find your number sudoku

To try introduce you to my whole crew

You get class, you get style, you know book

I wash plate, you wash car, we both cook

For bedroom we dey… my throat hook

Cos I was made for you, it’s no fluke

End Verse 1. 


M.I that wrote the most disrespectful diss track in Nigerian music history (Don’t come for me abeg) 

That man is capable of love?! 


As expected, Oxlade is back with the hook and we’re on again. 

M.I throws in another verse right off the hook and it’s better than the first. The preacher’s son pulls a ‘Saving the best for last’ and I love it! 

Tell the truth girl, you thought I would back down

But look at me, I dey your house with fat cow

My guys dem dey tell me to calm down

Dey try stop the movement like lockdown

But I don see wetin I don see

Talk say I wan chop na munchies

You been think say I wan… na konji

Now you know my love full ground na concrete 

You gat everything complete, 

these other girls then no fit to compete

Me I’ve found my lost rib

Bring certificate make I sign I don pray 

You too fine girl, I’ll follow you like Zombie

Take it slow, gimme wine like palm tree

Without you I can’t sleep, baby 

Take my life you own me

You own all… my… life…

It’s not as hard as expected but you can at this point see the soul of a man in love. 

At this point, you realize that love isn’t a hard guy thing. It is soft and cheesy and butterflies. This wasn’t meant to be hard. It was made to show that love could be found in the simplest things, and if your demand was a hardcore song… Love is blind. Blind to your demands, your thoughts and whatever. 

If you’re looking for a love song to play in the background, while you’re on a date with madam and telling dry jokes that still make her smile. This is for you! 

If you’re hardening your heart towards love and trying to avoid this song… Remember that Love conquers all.

Oxlade take us away with that hook one more time while our readers, leave comments!


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