M.I Abaga Dragged on Twitter NG Over His Comments on #SecureTheTribe Discussion


Nigerian rap Icon Jude Lemfani Abaga is currently being dragged by Nigerian tweeps users over his opinion on a sensitive African-American discussion, bordering on racial issues between Africans and African Americans.

M.I Abaga

The discussion was held via Twitter spaces was tagged “How Does Immigration Benefit Black Americans? #SecureTheTribe” and the participating African-Americans and Africans speak about the impact of African immigrants on them.

When it was his turn to speak M.I Abaga, who had studied at Calvin College in Michigan, America; preached collaboration between the two communities. He stated that some of the things he has noticed are that the main thing should be, as leaders and as clear-thinking black people, we should be identifying who the common enemy is and how they can unify to move forward.

He was also quoted to have begged for follows.

Here’s a video of his comments:

The aftermath of his take the Nigerian twitter space seemed not to be impressed with the rapper as they slammed him repeatedly for his take. According to many of them, the rapper was diplomatic in his approach rather than taking a stand for his community.

Here are some of the reactions:



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