M.I Abaga Cries Foul As Vector Leaks His DMs


The energy from Vector’s diss track ‘Judas The Rat‘ is still sweeping across social media. Many folks have shared their thoughts on the diss track.

In another ugly move, Vector released some DMs his opponent M.I Abaga sent to him on Instagram. He revealed some of his old chats from 2015 where he asked Vector for a collaboration on ‘King Kong’ remix.

Fast forward to the present date, M.I crawled into Vector’s DM to express his thoughts ‘Judas The Rat’ and a previous promise of N20 million to revamp his career.

After the DMs became public, M.I reacted in surprise at the situation ‘Of course I did.. didn’t know that we were leaking DM’s in our 30s .. would advice everyone messaging you to do same’.


  1. @Qib, did you just say Vector is acting up like he’s 15?? come on man, leaking DMs is just like a preamble compared to all what MI said in his “The Viper” diss track. MI’s really got to be careful, Vector is a viper for real.


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