Love Triangle! Iyanya, Yvonne Nelson & Tonto Dike


It doesn’t get more interesting than this.

Over the last couple of months there has been rumors of a relationship between Iyanya and Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, and photos of them had hit the internet, but since nothing was 100% confirmed, it was left at that. A rumor.

Today it seems, ish has hit the fan as popular blogger, Linda Ikeji has revealed that the 2 were actually in a relationship up until recently when Yvonne Nelson broke it off because Iyanya was also involved with Nollywood actress, Tonto Dike. It’s Poko Baby!

Yvonne Nelson has since taken to twitter to rant on her heartbreak and retweet messages from her fans, but we’re yet to hear anything from Iyanya or Tonto Dike, but if we know Tonto well, it wont take long before she speaks her mind.

So far though, it seems like Tonto is showing Yvonne that she is sexically and physically fit to take her man.  Love triangle toh bad. *moonwalks away*

Yvonne nelson’s tweets
Some messages from fans that Yvonne retweeted



  1. So Yvonne Nelson is crying on twitter so that what will happen? we’ll feel sorry for her? When she was opening smelly toto for iyanya she no know abi.

    Useless ashawo knacking every naija celeb.

  2. @iyanya dis isn’t so nice,tonto isn’t up 2 yvonne in anytin…..tonto don’t think ur relationshp wif iyanya will lead 2 anytin serz cos u r on a longthing…………..iyanya one advise 4rm me 2 Ў☺ΰ ,just apologise to yvonne nd go back 2 her d babe z really feeling bad as in ,her tweets r touching tho

  3. Nothing is new under the surface of the sun. This has nothing to do with anybody. After all they are both adults, they can solve their problems.

  4. Buh dats rubbish wat do we call dis dat 2 celebs r afta 1 guy…mie pple wen we pray to GOD…we do pray to av a good leader dat we’ll follow deir examples…buh is dis a gwud example abeg let nt waste much of our tyme here tweeting d deeds has bin done…guys r nt to be trusted

  5. Okay you people are just being fools here its not about Yvonne being hot or anything its about being good in bed as far as i can see it Tonto looks very wild n sexy in homo!!but Tonto dont give this guy yur evrything ooo he’ll do the same to you..ilove Tonto So LEAVE her the fuck alone!!Yvonne looks full of herself


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