Leaked Skelewu Video Is Not The Official Video! Video Is Being Redone – Davido



The rumors started earlier today when, what we thought was the official video for Davido’s Skelewu, surfaced in our email. There was twitter talks that the video originally shot and directed by Sesan was being redone and made into a mini movie, this time by director Moe Musa.

It was an unconfirmed rumor at the time, but now Davido has come out publicly to state that the video was actually leaked but he didn’t mention names as to who he thought (or knew) leaked the video. He also stated that he wanted it redone because he felt the video was not up to par, and the song deserved a better video.

From his tweets you can tell that he was pretty pissed off, but then again some of these things come with the territory of being a mega star. In a somewhat f’ed up move, the vid was put out while Davido was on a flight to London leaving him little time to react while the video went viral. Who do you think is responsible for the leak?

Whoever it was, it had to be someone that was involved in the original video.

Check out his tweets:






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