Lady Who Accused Timaya Of Rape Reveals Her Identity


Yesterday the talk of the Nigerian entertainment world was a rape accusation leveled at Timaya. The lady in question who remained anonymous yesterday, has finally revealed her identity, and goes by the name Shella B. A music recording artist based in Atlanta.

She put up a post on the anonymous instagram page identifying herself, and saying that she has contacted her lawyers and will be filing legal action against Timaya.

shella b timaya rape

shella b timaya rape


It is reported also that Shella B released a single yesterday while the story was buzzing. A track, titled No.1 featuring Kiddominant which was initially released in December 2014, but then put out again. She also put up links to her single on her instagram profile.

Timaya on the other hand has come out to deny that he ever raped her, though in so many words admitted that he did however have sexual relations with her.



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