Koffee Drops Details on Her Debut Album Title “Gifted”


Jamaican reggae/dancehall singer Mikayla Simpson, better known as Koffee is back in the studio working on her newest project, Gifted.


Koffee is currently signed to both Columbia Records UK and RCA Records, which are both subsidiaries of the Sony Music Company. The entertainer penned her deal with Columbia Records following her meteoric rise through her empowering song “Toast”. With an indirect cosign from the Obama family, who featured the track on his yearly playlist, Koffee seemed destined for greatness. The youngster would eventually go on to walk away with the Grammy, as her debut EP Rapture was dubbed the Best Reggae Album at the 2019 Awards show.

Koffee is still very hot right now despite not releasing plenty of new music over the past. The reggae/dancehall lyricist recently landed a spot on the soundtrack for the Netflix original “Harder They Fall”. While it is unclear if that track will make it to the singer’s new album, it can now be confirmed that hungry fans will be able to consume a lot of Koffee in the near future.

Koffee has yet to reveal the release date for the album or the tracklist. Sources previously revealed that the project is due early 2022.


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