Do You Know Rapper Yung6ix Was Abandoned By His Father?


In a bid to motivate fans and followers self acclaimed King of the South Yung6ix let out a side of his life you probably don’t know about. In a tweet  the rapper expressed how his father confronted him with two choices,  to join him and abandon his mum or stick with her and face hard times.

“When my dad was leaving I was just 17 he made it clear if I go with my mum I was gonna suffer. He was right I’m suffering from success” 

Know you know his story, definitely he has no regrets about sticking with his mom. He is now “The Man”.
Am just a boy, so young
We used to be fetching water from the well
But you never wish me well , Oh well
I remember life for me was a hell
One jeans, One shoe no money you can tell
Aunty Timmy used to tell me you a star
17 So young with no papa
Now i made it, they said you a star (you a star)
Yea i said am d boy, na me be this far
Real nigga yea i no they form
That’s what i love from 2face, he even say am d one 

Except of Lyrics off his latest single the man.


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