Kiss Daniel Puts Out Tracklist for His Album, New Era

kiss daniel new era

Ever since Kiss Daniel announced that he’ll be dropping his debut album, New Era, the anticipation has been high. The album was initially supposed to drop on May 1st, but has been pushed out to May 15th 2016, or before that. The album release concert is on May 15th, 2016.

Now we have the official tracklist for you guys. You know, since we can’t give you news on the album quite yet, we can give you some more details on it. The album contains 20 tracks, and from what we see there are no features at all on it. Not even one. Could end up being a good thing, or a bad thing, but we’ll have to wait and see. The album also features the previously released hot singles, Woju, Laye, Good Time, and Mama.

Check out the full track list.

kiss daniel new era

  1. New King
  2. Another Day
  3. Jombo
  4. Mama
  5. Gobe
  6. Napo
  7. Good Time
  8. Give Into
  9. Kudi
  10. Ghetto Boys
  11. Laye
  12. Are You Light
  13. Alone
  14. Kiss Me
  15. Sin City
  16. Upon Me
  17. Woju
  18. Duro
  19. All God
  20. Nothing Dey


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