King of Boys: illBliss reintroduces himself | See How


Nigerian rapper, illBliss, has reintroduced himself to his fans.

The rapper and actor, was shocked that people did not know he was ‘Odogwu Malay’ in the popular Netflix movie ‘King of Boys’.

He then decided to spell out all his names again.

In doing that, he announced he is working on a new project.

“Wowwwww. So I just realised a good number of people in here didn’t know illBliss OgaBoss was Odogwu Malay?

“I am very Confused. So I have decided to re introduce myself.

“My name is iLLBLiSS !!!! Aka.illy Chapo, Aka illy Bomaye, Aka OgaBoss,

“What more can I say?

“10 projects in rap.,” he said in a tweet.


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