Keri Hilson Set To Visit Nigeria For The Second Time

Keri Hilson

Nigerian is surely a country to love regardless of the various hurdles and American singer, songwriter, actress and record producer, Keri Hilson has demonstrated that. The Pretty Girls Rock singer has announced that she would be coming to Lagos, Nigeria for the second time for a talent show put together by one of Nigeria’s telecom outfit, Aritel.

While Keri is expected to be in the country by June, the excited singer gave an early heads up to her Nigerian fans that she would soon be storming Lagos in grand style. Less I forget, she sure hopes jollof rice would be waiting for her as she lands the country..LOL !!!

See tweets below;


Keri was in Nigeria back in November, 2012 for a show put together by Sofa Lounge “Face Of Sofa” where she performed in Abuja live on stage.


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