Keri Hilson Gives Her Verdict On The Nigeria vs Ghana Jollof Wars


How long have the jollof wars been going on now? Pretty sure it’s time to call in the UN. But since we don’t have the United Nations yet, Keri Hilson decided to weigh in on which jollof she thinks is the best. 

Urgh! What an anticlimax. We all know that Nigerian jollof is the real deal, and Ghana jollof is just rice and palm oil. But you know… Keri ain’t trying to mess up her money in the future. 

Keri Hilson announced earlier this month that she’ll be hitting up Lagos for a talent show scheduled later this month. She visited Nigeria in 2012 to perform at the Face Of Sofa event in Abuja. 


  1. Authentic Ghanaian jollof rice is an art that is lost on Nigerians. A combination of ingredients, timing, technique etc. gives it its rich colour & great taste.
    It’s funny & sad (for you) at the same time that you say there’s palm oil in original Ghanaian jollof based on its rich colour. That is the Way authentic jollof rice is supposed to look; delicious, orange (ripe, sautéed tomatoes gives it that colour) , not lumped, not whitish & Most importantly not eaten with sauce- which is what I hear is done in Nigeria.
    In fact, there’s a popular saying in Ghana- anyone who eats their jollof with stew has trust issues. X


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