Kenny Saint Brown (KSB) Warns Don Jazzy & Wande Coal On Twitter Over Go Low Video


Nigerian Artist, Kenny St Brown or Kenny St Best (whatever you prefer to call her) let Don Jazzy & Wande Coal hear what she had to say about Wande Coal’s latest video, Go Low.

According to her, Wande’s video which contains “nudity” (her words) is promotes rape in Nigeria. Whether you agree or not, it’s certainly an interesting attack on the Mavin Records artists.

See the tweets below.


  1. I really dint see no “Naked Girls” in the Video “Go Low” by Wande Coal, So i would love to ask; is this Lady Kenny St Best ok at all? Or she jus wanna beef? Na wa oo, People can find wahala, Woman! u just looking for talk. #smh

  2. KSB shuld shut her mouth…What does she have to say to the videos her brother has made in the past for artistes like jaywon “gbon gbon” ? What’s the diff. In d dressing of the chicks there and here….abeg make she go chick frying pan jor

  3. She just won Run her mouth……..stupid woman watn consn U nd ur family membaz dey der……@ wande I Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ u bro expectin more of d video

  4. Its a shame and a congruent ebb that KSB keep emanating thwarted worlds to many artists which has become otiose; expecially mohits crew, down to mavin records. Is she really a saint? The answer is NO. Because they is no righteous no not one! She don dey mad abee, if she is perfect why do are marriage failed.

  5. Well I don’t blame her she aint got point why don’t u keep shut if u don’t hav any better thng to say. Wande coal is a commercial artist nof a gospel singer so there’s a difference. He’s kind of musik requires such so let him be. @kenny I repeat shut ur gutter.

  6. KSB or whatevery her name iz. Since she don dey sing 4 9ja I never used my money buy her album N I wil nevr til I die..UGLY. Thin..watin. B her own vedio dey cos rape..infact she dey sick.I think she just want 2 gain attention.LWKM

  7. If you have any comment on your fellow colleague’s handwork,why not call him on phone and talk it out why make it a topic on social media.I think you are only jobless and fustrated.Wande coal and co. played the matured role by keeping a fool silent.

  8. Wat is KSB talkin abt cos i just watched the video nw didn’t see any naked gurl….she’s gettin too old nw i guess and she just want to run her mouth

  9. old mama youngy. that one wey no one old. what of she wey dey dance agbero dance dey dress like prostitude abeg go sidon. this is a case of kettle calling pot black. if you want a change start from your family. stop judging others, you said you are a gospel singer yet your songs dont have any anointing in them. i can’t even place your songs. you feel so comfortable with unbelevers yet you’ve never drawn any of them to christ eg Essence your best friend. your life as a so called christian has a big question mark. my advice just shut up retrace your steps to christ and stop judging other. enough said.

  10. shebi Goldie na part of kenny’s family did you ever come out to condemn her after the big disgrace she brought to nigeria. hypocrites.


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