Karen Igho Slapped By Security Guard At A Club


Reports are reaching us that BBA winner Karen Igbo was assaulted and slapped by a security guard at a Smirnoff event in Lagos. She had attended the event in support of Derenle who was hosting the event.

Apparently she was approached in the parking lot, and a gun was pointed at her and the guard demanded money from her. When she said she didn’t have, she was slapped. In her words, “The slap sent me landing on the floor and hitting my head.”

She took to twitter to rant about the incident.




  1. Na lie jawe…a security man as that of smirnoff can never slapped you all bcos he ask for money…she might said something abusive that warrant slap…na roping she dey rope the security man…all this celeb @times deserve more than a slap…imagine that small davido insulting my father…if I catch that one…na hot water I go pour for him body


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