Kanye West: Another American Musical Icon Hit With Copyright Infringement Lawsuit


After Kendrick Lamar’s “I Do This”, off his 2009 EP, was hit with a lawsuit for rapping over Bill Wisthers’1975 song “Don’t You Want to Stay” without the proper arrangement; we thought that was the end of the copyright infringement saga for hip-hoppers till another American musical heavyweight was brought to the fore.

The multiple award-winning American rapper and G.O.O.D Music head huncho, Kanye West has been hit with a $2.5million lawsuit for his 2013 hit single “New Slave” by a Hungarian composer Gabor Presser. Presser who had made a name for himself in the music terrain asserts that the last part of Kanye’s “New Slave” featured one of his songs: “Gyöngyhajú lány​”.

According to reports on TMZ, Kanye had sent Presser $10,000 as part payment to set the formal deal in motion but Presser claimed he never received the money and for bridging an inconclusive agreement, he I filing a lawsuit against him for 2.5 million dollars.





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