Justina Omo2Sexy Survives Fatal Auto Crash In Germany


In the wake of several celebrity auto accidents in the Industry, penultimate weeks ago, news had filtered in again on a ghastly auto accident involving female vocalist Justina Omo2sexy in far away Germany.

The ill-fated incidence happened in the wee hours of May 27th , 2012 but has been kept discreet by the singer’s family members and close associates to deter a panic situation to the public owing to her critical state.

According to her Rep, the singer was in company with her band members on their way to a show in Munich, Germany when the vehicle conveying her and her Swiss manager swerved off the road, crashed into multiple cars, and somersaulted severally which left the singer sustaining severe injuries in her pelvic girdle area and spine.

She has since been recuperating swiftly and has flown back to the country but not without crutches to enable her regain her walking steps and return to stage.

It will be recalled that Justina broke into mainstream appeal in 2008 after the debut of her pop song “Omo2sexy” having emerged first runner place at the Nokia Frst Chance Talent competition in 2007.

Justina currently fronts a couple of cover bands in Europe and has graced live stage performances in Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Germany and the UK.

With another hit single “So Tempting(Omo Gbabe) on the air waves, the Pop singer is not resting on her oars to plant her career fully on the Nigerian music scene

Justina & Manager



  1. You are lucky to be alive,God really loves you…that was a hard one- few people survive such accident.From now onward keep close to your God,we can all see his hand in your life.
    Take care.


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